My Krups Toaster Oven Story

I have a new kitchen and it seems that my old oven doesn’t look right anymore. For one thing it is quite big for my new kitchen and of course it’s old and it shows. My choice was to get an oven that will fit the space designated for it in my kitchen design or get a toaster oven. I know that most toaster ovens can do the job of a standard oven.

Another point in favor of a toaster oven is its size. It is small and will be perfect for my tiny kitchen. My sister recommended a Krups toaster oven so I ordered one from  I will be forever grateful to my sister.  I love my Krups toaster oven!

This is the first time I used a toaster oven instead of my big gas oven and I never realize how convenient a kitchen a gadget it is, especially my Krups. It even has a toast and defrost mode in addition to the usual bake and broil.

There is also a convection mode which I understand is responsible for the very quick very even heating of the oven.  In spite of this, it is also so easy to use. All I needed to do is choose the cooking mode, set the heat and time and start it cooking.

I can cook anything and everything on it too. In fact I even looked up several recipes to try on my Krups. I am not a very good cook or at least I don’t do a lot of cooking before. Broiling fish and meat used to be my best effort. Now I have even tried cooking a soufflé which turned out to be a disaster at first.

I followed the instruction to the letter but I noticed that my oven heats very fast. There are three heating rods at the bottom  just as there are three more on top . I placed my soufflé at the bottom rack, there are two racks provided, and it got burned.

Now I realized what went wrong.  I should have reduced the heat  indicated in the recipe which I did the next time I tried it and lo and behold, a perfect golden soufflé.