Protect Your Business with Garage Doors

If you own or operate a commercial or manufacturing business, you know how important it is for trucks and transport vehicles to have access to your facilities. This is especially true of warehouses, shipping docks and wholesalers. Anyone in the business knows that sturdy and dependable garage doors are key to keeping their operations running smoothly. When garage doors are faulty or do not work right, it adds an extra layer of time to manually open and close doors when needed. This is a hassle and reduces efficiency and productivity within the business.

Keep Your Shipments Moving

Keeping your shipping docks running at full speed is a critical part of any business that uses trucks to transport their products. Truck drivers are bound by strict delivery schedules within their trucking company so they cannot afford to waste any time waiting when they arrive on time or ahead of schedule for their pick-up. This means that even something as trivial as having to wait for someone to open a garage door to load the back of the truck impacts the driver. Every minute counts. When your commercial business uses an autoroll style shutter door, opening and closing the door is effortless and assures that your trucking company can do their business without problems.

Choose From Insulated or Uninsulated Doors

These garage doors are available insulated or uninsulated so you can choose which option is best for your business needs. Insulated doors help keep the heat in and the cold out. Uninsulated doors provide no protection from heat or cold. No matter whether you choose insulated or uninsulated roller door, you will have the comfort of knowing that your business uses high-quality steel doors for shipping purposes.

Protect Your Property

If you have a retail front or your business is in an area that has break-ins, Galvanized steel roller shutters offer an extra layer of protection between your facility and the outside world. This kind of shutter is quite versatile and can be used to protect glass entrance doors and glass store-fronts while allowing people to see the items you have on display. These are helpful for small businesses that operate in urban areas and want to protect their stock outside of business hours. Warehouses and other businesses that house valuable stock are also well served to install these types of doors for added protection during off hours. In the event of a riot, these types of doors can be pulled down and locked to prevent looting. Businesses that do not use galvanized steel roller shutters are more likely to get broken into in the event of a riot, and be victim to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and lost inventory.

Buying Garage Doors

If you have decided to invest in new roller garage doors or galvanized steel roller shutters, the installation process does not take long. You should speak to garage door installation specialist about your specific needs. An installation expert will be able to answer any specific questions you have and take measurements of the doors. If you are going to use Galvanized steel roller shutters as well, he will take measurements for that too. Once measurements have been taken, your installation expert will discuss all of the options available to you and the cost of the work. He will probably ask you questions about whether or not you want insulated doors or uninsulated doors. Other options that customers can choose from the thickness of the metal and the finish of the metal. Customers have the choice of several different motors to operate the doors. Single phase motors can be operated using a remote control, rocker or a switch. Three phase motors are powered by a pre-wired to push button station with low voltage. All motors come with a standard internal manual override. These doors can be installed as a do-it-yourself project or you can use a fitter to complete the installation for you. If you decide to complete the project yourself, comprehensive video instruction and telephone assistance are available with the cost of the doors.

Power Failures Are Not a Problem

Power failure is something that does not happen often, but if it does an outage will not stop you from opening your garage doors. The manual override system assures that you can in and out your facilities with ease. If you have backup power in place, you can even keep your business running through the outage.


People who buy these types of garage doors and security shutters get a ten-year warranty on the paint finish and a twelve-month warranty on parts. This means that if your paint job starts fading, chipping or cracking, the company will repair or replace it at no extra charge to you.

Now Is the Time

There is no time like the present to outfit your warehouse, shipping facility or retail space with effective and protective garage doors and steel roller shutters. They are designed to last for a long time so your upfront investment will keep paying you back year after year. In some cases, putting these kinds of protective doors and shutters in place will even lower your insurance bill because they discourage people from trying to break in and steal your inventory. Insulated garage doors help maintain the temperature of your building, no matter what the season is. This helps increase efficiency and control heating and cooling costs. If you do not care much about insulation, an uninsulated garage door could be right for you. This type of door offers everything that an insulated door does, other than insulation. Uninsulated doors are less expensive because they do not require a layer of insulation, but they still do the job of keeping your shipping dock or warehouse running at top speed. Your transportation company will be happy because the door works quickly and helps keep the driver within his delivery schedule, allowing him to earn his rightful wages.