Questions to Ask Your Roofer while Hiring a Roofing Contractor

When it comes to roofing it is always advisable to utilize the service of the roofing contractors. It is because the roofing contractor will evaluate the condition of the roof and inform the owner of the house about whether it is needed to change the roof or just repairing is enough. Once the roofing contractor evaluates the roof he will be able to find the severity of the damage and hence he can find an appropriate solution.

After finding the condition of the damage, leak spots and holes the roofing contractor find out a better solution like sealants to fix the holes or replacing the part of the roof or replacing the complete roof. The damage in the single spot can be repaired and fixed easily but in the case of damage in multiple spots, the roof should be replaced. When you plan to hire roofing contractor never forget to ask these 10 questions from which you can confirm whether to utilize their service or change some other person.

10 questions

Experience – Enquire about the experience of the contractor so that you can confirm that they will offer quality service. There are many newbies who don’t have experience of working under any roofing contractor; the chances are more that they will shatter your plan.

License – Check whether the contractor holds a license for roofing, the contractor with no license for roofing business will violate the rules and laws.

Estimation – Ask budget estimation so that you can compare the total price with other contractors. The labor charge, material cost, and other charges should be included so that you can estimate the budget and finalize whether you are comfortable with the price.

Previous samples – It will be easy for you and satisfying if you have a glance over the previous work samples of the contractor or you can ask the contractor to take you to any site where work is currently going on.

Material quality – If you don’t ask about the quality of materials used then they may use the low-quality material for a high price then you have to suffer money loss and quality loss.

Insurance – The contractor should support insurance facility for the work he does so that the house owner can claim insurance in case of any unexpected damage.

Warranty – Enquire about the warranty of the materials used, in the case of any sudden damage or problem, you can claim warranty for materials used.

Time frame – Asking about how long it will take to finish the work is very important because you may have to vacate the home and stay in some other home till the work completes.

Written contract – Ask for a contract sign promising that the work will be over in a stipulated time and work will be completely finished without fail.

Service – Ask whether he will be giving continuous service support after replacement or repairing.

Replacement of the roof and repairing of the roof depends on upon the condition of the roof and the length of days of the roof from when it is installed and from when it is repaired recently. The following website gives details of the list of Michigan Roofing Contractor and you can find contact and service details of roofing contractor Michigan.